A Day In The Life Of A Home Care Worker

Dear Carers, as a company we are looking to highlight the elements of a home care workers job daily, to help clarify to those new to care what the role entails both the good and more challenging elements of the job.

We wish to feature staff opinions under the heading “a day in the life of a home care worker” for example “my job can be challenging at times, but I find providing care for my clients to be very rewarding” these opinions and quotes will then be featured on our website and promotional material.

We value your opinions. Please PM any comments you wish to make or e-mail dfoster@lydiancare.com

Following on from this we may wish to chronicle a full day of one of our carers, we will be asking for volunteers with an incentive of a £25 amazon voucher to detail your day in a blog format including your thoughts and feelings about what the job means to you. If you would be interested please contact Dean Foster.

Thank you.