Congratulations on successfully passing your interview with Lydian Care, we are delighted to have you join our home care team!

Below you will find all the forms you need to complete to get started with Lydian Care, when you complete the form and click on submit it will be sent directly to us, you can also request copies of any information you have submitted.

The Recruitment team are at hand for anything you need so please contact us if you have any queries. We will also keep in touch with you about your application.

What forms need completed before I start?Time frameHow to do this?
1. Submit documentation required including:-
– Passport
– Drivers Licence
– Proof of Address
– Proof of NI
– Birth/Marriage Certificate
– Car Insurance
– ID Badge photo
ASAP after interviewclick here to submit your documentation online.
2. Agree working hours and availability with the recruitment team.ASAP after interviewclick here to complete your working hours availability form online
3. Health declaration to be completed, and returned to recruitment team1 week from interview (or before) click here to complete your health declaration form online.
4. Payroll, uniform and NOK details to be given to recruitment team1 week from interview (or before) Click here to complete these details online.
5. Sign your agreements with Lydian Care.1 week from interview (or before)click here to sign your declarations/agreements online.
6. Sign your contract with Lydian Care.1 week from interview (or before) click here to sign your contract online.